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Bridging the Gap Between Soybean Demand and Research - ISA's The State of Soy 7/20/22

Iowa Farmers Overcoming Input Challenges - ISA's The State of Soy 5/4/22
Features ISRC IAC Farmer Representative and ISA Board Member Suzanne Shirbroun

White Mold - ISA Innovation to Profit 3/24/22

 Decision Support Tools - ISA Innovation to Profit 3/24/22

 Soybeans: The Little Things that Make Big Bushels - Liqui-Grow 2/11/22

Seed Set - Science for Success 1/26/22 

SoyFest - ISRC 8/25/21

Meals From the Heartland - ISRC 8/24/21 

Let’s Talk Todes video series - SCN Coalition 10/1/20

Where To Find Soybean Gall Midge - Integrated Pest Management Iowa State University

Value of Checkoff - American Soybean Association

Soybean Cyst Nematode Found in Most Iowa Soybean Fields - Iowa Soybean Association

Soybean Growth and Development - Iowa State University 5/21/20

Crop Scouting Tips and Tricks - Iowa State University 5/21/20

Stand Assessments - Iowa State University 5/21/20

Disease Identification - Iowa State University 5/21/20

Weed Identification - Iowa State University 5/21/20

Fungicide Resistance in Soybeans (Frogeye Leaf Spot & Brown Spot) - Iowa State University 3/2/20

Why is Research Important to Farmers? - Soybean Research and Information Network 1/23/20

How Does the Checkoff Impact Research? - Soybean Research and Information Network 1/23/20

ISU Soybean Breeders Share Research with Students - Iowa State University 9/27/19

SCN Resistance for Long-term SCN Management - Iowa State University 8/8/19

 The State of Soy: Research - Iowa Soybean Association

Detecting Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Using Remote Sensing - Iowa State University

Quantifying Soybean Yield Losses Due to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) - Iowa State University

Iowa Soybean Association Invests Checkoff Funds to Champion Research at Iowa State University

What is a Nematode? - Iowa State University (PBS)

Diagnosing Plant Disease in Soybeans - Iowa State University (PBS)