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Iowa Soybean Research Center

in collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association

ISRC Celebrates National Soyfoods Month

photo of a variety of soyfoods
Above is a variety of soy recipe offerings courtesy of Soy Connection by U.S. Soy

Whether you have tried soyfoods and beverages or not, now might be a good time to try out a new recipe in celebration of April as National Soyfoods Month. The ISRC can hook you up with some fantastic recipes, and since many everyday products already contain soy or are cooked in soy oil, soy may already be a part of your diet and you are just not aware of it.

Soy is a healthy and sustainable food source and is the only plant-based protein to contain all of the essential amino acids that animal proteins do. Also, soyfoods have come a long way in being more readily available and flavorful.

For a variety of soy recipes, check out the following websites.

Old Capitol Food Company - This Iowa company specializes in tofu made from Iowa soybeans

Soy Connection - Funded by U.S. Soy

The Soyfoods Council - Funded by the soybean checkoff